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Healthcare Accreditation Ensures Quality Patient Care, Safety, & Effectiveness

What Is Ambulatory Health Care Accreditation?

Accreditation for Hospitals, Ambulatory Surgical Centers, Office Based Surgery Centers, or Home Health Agencies is a third-party peer review process that allows your organization to demonstrate its ability to deliver high-quality patient care and safety, by meeting over 1200 standards. This is measured by meeting established regulatory requirements and standards set by different state regulations and state approved accrediting body organizations. Each state and accrediting body has its own unique set of standards and requirements.

Public Symbols of Excellence

Accreditation is a public symbol that shows your patients, employees, competitors, and the public at large that your organization is committed to offering high-quality patient care.

Who Should Get Accredited?

Any healthcare organization that aims to deliver the best possible patient care and grow its practice to reach more patients in need should become accredited.

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Why Should You Become Accredited?

It’s The Law
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Deliver High-Quality Patient Care & Safety

Retain Employees & Foster Positive Organization Culture

Even More Opportunities to Grow Your Practice

The Accreditation Process

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Accreditation Survey Preparation

A self-assessment and review to obtain a baseline of where you measure to the standards, time and cost analysis of how long it will take you to prepare for your licensing/accreditation survey versus hiring a consultant.

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Mock Survey

A comprehensive examination by a group of highly experienced professionals to ensure you meet the standards to pass your survey.

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The surveyors will review the standards that are applicable to your organization.

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Accreditation Certification

Your organization has committed to providing high-quality health care and demonstrated its commitment by meeting the accrediting organization’s standards.

100% Success Rate

With a 100% client success rate and years of experience helping healthcare organizations across the U.S. achieve accreditation, Expedited Accreditations continues to lead the way in offering comprehensive, efficient healthcare accreditation services.


Is accreditation voluntary or mandatory?

While accreditation can be voluntary or mandatory (depending on the specific healthcare organization), becoming accredited is essential for all healthcare organizations to showcase their organization’s commitment to meeting the highest standards when it comes to patient care, safety, and effectiveness.

Does my state require our organization to obtain accreditation?

We have up-to-date information concerning each state’s requirements for Ambulatory Surgical Centers, Office-Based Surgical Centers, and other applicable organizations.

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Do regulations vary by state?

Yes, regulations do vary by state. During your consultation, our team will discuss your state’s specific regulations and further discuss the accrediting process.

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